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Mario is a wonderful coach. He's knowledgeable, thoughtful and a ton of fun. I've worked with him at several different points in my life.

Most recently, we trained together for two months about 10 months before my wedding, when I needed to get back on track fitness-wise. I'm a retired dancer and had let myself go to some extent, not dancing or working out routinely and eating far too much sugar and take-out. Mario outlined a nutrition plan for me and we trained 3 times a week. Within those two months, he transformed both my body and mentality about fitness and health. As the weeks passed, I saw my back and arms gain muscle definition, my stomach and glutes tighten--I was seeing a body I hadn't seen in years. Each photo check-in was a revelation, seeing the incremental changes to my frame and muscles.

By the end of those two months, I had a waist again! But more than that, I had a completely different relationship with my body and its needs: how to challenge and push it, how to nourish it with the right food. I felt confident and sexy, and was excited to keep the momentum going on my own. I can't wait to work with him again. 

“Mario's ability to tailor his expertise to meet his clients' individual needs is impressive.”

—Mithra, TFE client