Affiliates and Facilities


Health and wellness is not a one stop shop, and in order to be sure that each and every individual I work with is shifted towards a lifetime of pain free movement and body education I work with some of the top chiropractors, massage therapists, wellness coaches and facilities in the Bay Area.



Dr. Shane suffered a severe back injury as a young adult that caused his first ever chiropractic experience. Not only did his back injury resolve quickly but Dr. Shane noticed new-found energy, mental clarity, and improved digestion; leading to 70lbs of weight-loss. This inspired him to build healthier habits for dealing with stress, and create a lifestyle focused on daily balance. Balance is key, find out why.


Massage Therapist

CJ Blackman has been in the wellness industry for over 20 years, from working with professional MMA Fighters to helping teach San Francisco residents how to defend themselves form intruders, there is no area of the wellness that CJ has not mastered. CJ has now established himself as one of the top massage therapists in San Francisco, taking his years of anatomical knowledge and pairing it with his skilled hands.


Wellness Coach

Graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Sports nutrition, Jakki Flaherty has cemented her name into the Bay Area as one of the most premier wellness coaches out there. Being my sister and also my mentor, we have worked hand in hand with one another helping bring on clients that may not fit into our current schedule or, is a better fit for a particular training style.



Located in the heart of downtown Burlingame, the facility is more than the walls that hold it up - it is a home to some of the best trainers in the Bay. With the phrase “train smart, move well” in the businesses mission statement, they put clients needs first being sure to keep equipment up to date, the facility clean, refreshments on hand and a smile on every trainers face when you walk though that door for your appointment.