About Mario 



—Certified Personal Trainer
—Sports and Fitness Nutritionist
—Strength and Conditioning Coach
—Kettle Bell Athletics LVL1
—Corrective Exercise Specialist

Barry’s Bootcamp—SF & Burlingame, CA
Fitness Instructor & Trainer

At 21, I found myself living the dream; I was a professional basketball player. Everything I had worked for, every struggle I went through, and every drop of sweat I shed lead me to a point where I was able to compete with the top athletes of the world.

Day in and day out I was tested and placed in a position where quitting seemed like a good option, I kept going. I knew it would not be easy, and I also knew to get anything you want in life you have to embrace the suck and make it your ally. I’m that person. When I say I’ll do something, it will happen.

These days, I channel my perseverance in NCAA & professional sports into developing my own holistic coaching and training methods for clients called "The Flaherty Effect"—Est. 2013. You can also find me motivating athletes of all shapes and sizes as a fitness instructor & trainer at Barry's Bootcamp in the San Francisco Bay Area. And while I don’t have to run liners anymore in basketball, I still tackle tasks for clients with the same speed + intensity.

I’ve learned there is no one true definition of fitness. It’s truly different for everyone. Each person is their own unique and amazing self. The process I go through to help you accomplish your goals is not created for many - it’s specifically tailored for you. The feeling I want you to achieve after our sessions together and beyond is hopefully a game changer. Welcome to The Flaherty Effect.